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Hello world!

September 15, 2010

Well, I finally did it!  I’d been thinking about blogging for a while now and I’ve seen a few of my friend’s blogs and thought, “Hey, that’s awesome!  What a great way to keep in touch with folks…”  So, Mary & Billy Callahan & DB, thanks for the inspiration.

I’ll have different areas to explore and offer my point of view.  Of course, none of what I express is meant to offend anyone, it’s just out there for folks to take in, observe, offer their 2 cents and (what I’d like most) confirm/affirm the author!  😉  I know, shameless plug.  It happens.

I’m winding down to Sarah Vaughan’s “Black Coffee” and reminiscing about my college days at Lamont.  This was truly the first encounter I had with one of the major Jazz vocalists in all of history.  I can understand why she earned the title “The Divine One” (musically speaking)…her range is amazing.  She was a contralto (for the non-musical folks…she could sing REALLY low) born on March 27, 1924 and died April 3, 1990.  Love, love, love this lady.

As I embark upon my Sabbath rest (long story, another blog), I’m glad that I’ve finally figured out how to handle scheduling my world.  As I’ve shared with various people, “You can’t tell me to think outside of the box…I NEED the boundaries!”  One of my volunteer catechists, Mark, is an architect and he gave me a sage piece of advice the day we met: “Learn to love the structure”.  I’ve taken that to heart and I’m so grateful for a simple way to look at something as daunting as planning.  It’s been awesome settling into more of a routine the past few weeks, but I think that it naturally comes from the start of a new academic year.

I found myself getting lost on other tangents as I worked on  my first blog, but I realize that I have time for all of those things.  So, that in mind, I’m signing off with a smile and wishing you all a peaceful rest of the week.

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