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A little happy surprise on Music Monday

November 2, 2010

So I’m driving into work this morning, listening to the local jazz station: 88.3 and am AMAZED by the sound pouring into my car.  A trumpet solo over an orchestral work.

1st astounding point: I’m amazed by the lush arrangement of the other instruments surrounding the trumpet.

I couldn’t believe how my ears were CAPTIVATED by the arrangement.  Enough to take note of the time and make a decision to look up the playlist once I made it to work.  My heart actually opened up and received the beauty of the sound.

2nd astounding point: I’m actually taken aback at the beauty of the trumpet itself.

I’m picky about trumpet players, mostly because I have had my own experiences with them.  It’s not to say that all trumpet players are bad…I’m just picky.  😉

I hopped onto the jazz station’s website and found the playlist.  The piece is called, “Pastoral Blues” by Alan Hood from the collection, “Just a Little Taste” plays the work of Dave Hanson.  I tripped out for a moment and wondered, “Could there be more than one Dave Hanson?”  The reason why Dave’s name stood out was because he was one of my awesome teachers at the Lamont School of Music, in Denver, CO.  I took a jazz piano class from him along with Commercial music arranging.  I was so surprised that I picked up the style from the single listening of “Pastoral Blues”.  Dave’s the reason why I can voice chords the way I do whenever I play piano and his influence is pretty profound.

So I dropped him a line today by e-mail thanking him for his work and he wrote me back saying he remembered who I was and he was glad to hear from me.  That made my day.  I need to pick up the whole work, because if “Pastoral Blues” is any indication of the level of supreme musicianship of Alan & Dave, the rest is bound to be a TREAT.  Happy listening!

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