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Music Monday

November 15, 2010

Well, I haven’t had the chance to listen to anything new & was hoping for the Melissa Polinar cd to show up on my doorstep last week, but alas…it has not arrived yet! 

One of the things I HAVE accomplished, though, is pulling off a few Sara Bareilles songs “off the record”.  Considering the monster musician she is…I feel like I’ve accomplished something pretty massive.  So massive, it’s EPIC.

First off, her ability to arrange music is incredible.  Take for instance, this hit:


The piece I’ve managed to get under my fingers is “King of Anything”.  My dear Miss Lhory gave me the key and thanks to a few listens (quite a few) and also a round or two with the Strings version of it, I was able to get it down.  The tricky part: singing it at the same time.  I insist that Miss Lhory sings the song with me because 1. she sings very well & very beautifully 2. I can concentrate on the syncopation. 

I love that my friend, DB, succinctly describes the song as “belligerent”.  Ok, maybe so…but perhaps it’s just her standing up for herself…that’s why I’m identifying with the song.  🙂  So, in case you don’t know the song, here you go.  Enjoy.  Happy Listening!

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