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Catching Up….

December 20, 2010

Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve touched my blog…life happened at a very quick pace last week.  Here I was, plugging along, and actually looking forward to the weekend’s events (one week ago today)…between Spirit & Truth on Thursday @ SJE to my family’s annual Christmas Open House to the Christmas BBQ/Birthday Surprise party for Michael, it looked like it was going to be one heck of a weekend. I was looking forward to it with a joyous spirit!

Did I mention that I was praying a novena to St. Joseph for some very special BICs at the same time?

Usually whenever novenas & such are being offered up, especially for such a stellar crew of souls, there’s bound to be some spiritual warfare that arises.  Shortly after I began the novena (December 8th), a series of mishaps started popping up at work for co-workers.  Not just your run of the mill troubles with technical difficulties, but the kinds of things that were physically challenging!  I was definitely including these folks in my prayers…and was doing okay until Wednesday night…when my own little mishap occurred.

My car’s transmission died on Wednesday night, leaving me a moment of sheer panic.   A super busy Thursday was upon me filled with some important meetings & the task of setting up for Spirit & Truth that evening.  Thankfully, good friends helped me get from points A to B to C and back to A again when the day was done.  These folks got extra prayers from me that day.

While it would be easy to complain about the inconveniences I’ve experienced in the last weekend…I can tell you off the bat what the most amazing miracles were:

1.)  I got to catch up with people I haven’t seen in a long time: Jeremy (1-2 years), who towed my car into the lot & Joyce (6-8 months), who took me to 2 meetings along with her son.

2.)  The valiant DB rescued me, fighting off Chargers traffic to get us to SJE on time to set up, grab dinner & return for Spirit & Truth…which ROCKED.

3.)  My mother showered me with her generosity in counseling me over my silly car troubles…reminding me that it’s ok to cry if I was destitute…which, thankfully, I am not…and faithfully handed over the keys to her chariot so I could prepare for the Open House & the BBQ the next day.

4.)  My roomie managed to tease me about my “slightly drastic” haircut, navigate the MTS system and helped me see the lighter side of things: like being able to scream in harmony at an oncoming vehicle that was preparing to hit us as we left morning Mass on Friday….

5.)  My family’s Open House was a time of total joy, tons of food, music & dancing.  It was awesome watching my mom dance again after months of being off the floor due to medical troubles with her foot.  Now I know where I get my goofy “dance floor” smile from.

6.)  We managed to surprise our beloved Michael on his 40th birthday, thanks to the generous offering of Joe’s place and the many hands that set it up.

7.)  For the first time since I began working at the Mission, I attended the Christmas Candlelight Meditation after Mass last night.  It was truly a time of prayer through music that my soul desperately needed.  Thanks to Kevin & Joe, for the invitation to hang out.

It honestly has taken me a few moments to adjust to losing the modern day conveniences such as the internet @ work & my own mode of transportation…but I realized that with these things gone, I’ve been able to connect with people again…in the most humbling of circumstances.  It’s silly that asking for help is a humbling thing, but for me, it truly is.  I am so grateful for all of these people in my life who helped me to see outside of the surprising circumstances that “stopped” my tiny world from operating like “normal”.

As this Advent winds up to a close, I realize just how blessed I am.  Some folks may not see the above list as “miracles”, but in my tiny world…they are.  Many thanks to those who were generous in spending their time and sharing their resources with me.  As for the 20 BICs who set up & ran DOTK, this novena to St. Joseph was lovingly offered up for each of you from December 8-17th in thanksgiving for your generosity and love through actions seen & unseen…not only from myself, but from some pretty awesome SICs. I know many of these ladies endured their own trials & tribulations during the novena, but it was all out of love for receiving such love.

“Vide”, inquiunt, “ut invicem se diligant” – ipsi enim invicem oderunt – “et ut pro alteruto mori sint parati”; ipsi enim ad occidendum alterutrum paratiores erunt.-Tertullian

“Look,” they say, “how they love one another”- for they themselves hate one another – “and how they are ready to die for each other”; for they themselves are readier to kill each other.-Tertullian



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