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Music Monday…from a dancer’s perspective

December 20, 2010
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During this time of year, Culture Shock hosts free hip hop dance lessons to invite folks to try the art of hip hop.  If you want to check out there website & possibly jump in on their free classes here’s the link:

My sister is an avid hip hop dancer, so she’s always tuned in to their news, etc.  She definitely can whoop me in this area, but this our chance to bond on this level.  😀

So on this rainy Monday morning, I managed to get myself to her house and we carpooled out to the studio.  I’ve been through this before, but I always forget what it’s like when it’s all said and done…my abs DO exist…and so do my hamstrings…*groan*

I LOVE hip hop music.  It’s an art form I grew up with and it’s amazing to hear its influence all over the map of music.   Unfortunately, the lyrical content of hip hop these days leaves much to be desired…so I do my best to tune that out as I move on the floor.  Dancing is just a natural extension of music (being a musician first), but it’s an area of study I am a novice at.

I wish I knew the name of our teacher; she was awesome in helping us break down the movements before she slammed them all together.  The isolation of muscle groups help me to understand how they work with each other when the moves go a tempo. What’s fun is watching how the movements match the music.  It doesn’t mean that I get it right, but in the end, it’s having fun that counts the most.  🙂

I’ve got mad respect for those who can dance like this, especially since I can feel what muscles they need to use to make it all work.  😉

Now, with my love of hip hop and swing dance music…you put the two together and this is what you get.  Warning, don’t try this unless you are sure you can handle it!

It’s definitely more lindy than hip hop (other than their attire), but there are some pretty cool moves interspersed with the lindy.

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