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1st Music Monday of 2011

January 3, 2011

Hey, folks!  It’s a brand new year and I’ve got a few resolutions going in this category…namely, picking up an instrument (or in the case of the 2 other instruments I play…sit at an instrument) and practising.  Thankfully, I have rehearsals on Monday nights with a crew of young musicians who keep me on my toes.  However, I barely practice what I preach when it comes to the methods I’ve picked up over the years.

In music school, I had the privilege to learn in a few studios…but the hardest part was putting all of the training together into the unique instrument I have.  I learned classical music by way of arias & art songs, I learned jazz through improvisation & scales, I learned musical theatre techniques: belting & nasal warm ups.  I experienced gospel music and learning things by ear.  My brain exploded with choral warm ups in various modes.  In a span of 4 years, I learned SO much about music that it’s taking me YEARS to unpack it all.

That being said, I’ll list my NYRs for 2011 as a musician:

1.)  Play everyday…vocal warm ups & breathing exercises, learn scales on the guitar, warm up the keys

2.)  Write everyday…be it lyrics or melodies or chord changes

3.)  Listen to recordings & pull them off the record at least once a week.

As for performance, that happens a lot & mostly in the vein of leading worship for gatherings, etc.  I totally enjoy these kinds of things, but they are definitely not what I’d consider “performance”.  I haven’t actually performed musically in a long time, but I hope that I could get myself into that more often this year.  I’d like to record more this year, but the funds to do so are extremely limited.

God willing, this will be a year to stretch as an artist…on every level possible.



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  1. January 23, 2011 4:29 am

    Nice Post I like this song Thanks for sharing

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