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Ah, Dance Floor…how I’ve missed you….!

January 6, 2011

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to hit the dance floor every week in 2011.  The main purpose is to make sure that I don’t lose whatever skills I picked up over the summer of 2010, but even greater than that, I find my happy place on the dance floor.

Last night was the first of 52 sessions and to make it extra special, it was also my dear friend, Catherine’s birthday.  What a way to get me back on the floor!  I took up the Lindy variations class & was happy to receive instruction on how to be a better follow.  The only way to test it, though, is on the floor…

I think I did alright, but definitely found that once I’m tired, it’s DIFFICULT to keep up.  I’m so glad that I haven’t lost the basics…but the fine-tuning is going to be fun.  I thanked every lead for keeping me safe on the floor, however, I experienced one crash in class and one nick on my left ankle on the floor, which is not ideal, but way better than what I’ve endured in the past.  I wish I could go on Fridays to the Jam…because I LOVE Margie to pieces…but I always have other obligations on Fridays.  I know I’ll want to make it there on days that I can…which appear to be once a month at this point in time.

2 to Groove were my first teachers and the best ones I have found.  Check them out here:

The other awesome place I’ve found gets together on Wednesday nights…nice floor, 3 rooms…lovely atmosphere:

I hope that you all are having an awesome start to 2011…and if it isn’t quite there yet…don’t worry, you have the rest of the year to sort things out.  😉


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