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January 8, 2011

So I ran into a couple of young fellow musicians at an Eagle Court of Honor today (Yay, Kyle!  You did it!) and we got to talk shop over so many things musically related.  I LOVE being able to share experiences with other musicians…what they are learning, their hopes and aspirations.  It reminded me so much of my own aspirations as a music major and just how far I’ve come since graduating many moons ago (I can’t tell you how many…) 😉

If there is anything I wish I could go back to, it WOULD be music school…but if I could go back with the knowledge in my head now for then…I guess I wouldn’t be the same person now, would I?  Things were so incredibly new to me…it got to be pretty overwhelming at times.  I earned my stripes as I went from year to year and finally got a backbone in place by the time I was a senior.  However, the true test of my musical skills came over the years AFTER music school, when I began teaching both privately & in the classroom.  The last decade of my life has truly taught me so much about the joys of music as well as the struggles and the sacrifices artists make in order to keep making music.

It’s so funny that when it comes to art: the supplies, gear and training are SO expensive and yet the world of artistry pays SO little…why do we do it?

“I don’t know who Art is, but I suffer for him…”-R.Gonzales

Just like breathing, musicians, dancers, visual artists, writers…we MUST continue making art because it’s as natural as our heartbeats.  While creative & performing arts are the FIRST thing that get cut out of schools when budgets are in crisis (which seems to be all the time now), the WORLD is bursting with a NEED for art.  It’s the reason why people connect from all parts of the world.  Music, in particular, has such a huge way of influencing people.  Sidebar: I went in for a doctor’s appointment a year ago and the technician was apologizing to me for listening to her music so loudly that early in the morning.  She explained, “It’s my ‘cup of coffee’ to get me going in the morning.”  AMEN!  I didn’t have any objections to that at all.

I honestly think that artists of all genres and types find their way to make ends meet, but even more importantly, they figure out what makes their souls ALIVE.  To cease from doing what you’re born to do is to kill yourself in an agonizing and slow process.  I hope that every artist out there keeps on sharing their gifts with the people in their spheres of influence.  I’m talking about the ones that don’t necessarily do their art for the money or fame, but the ones who do it because it’s just a part of who they are.  Your influence in the world makes a difference in ways that are not apparent, but they mean a LOT…especially to a human soul like me.  🙂

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