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Topic 18: Questions about Hope…

January 17, 2011

Topic #18

Here’s today’s topic idea:

What gives you hope? And what, if anything, makes you question hope? And what makes you question your questions of hope? And…

A brilliant topic.  You guys come up with some really awesome subjects!  Another one that’s got my heart racing.  😉

1.  The Holy Spirit

2.  My nieces

3.  The Youth Leaders I work with

4.  The BRILLIANT community of BICS & SICS in my life

I could go on for days about the Holy Spirit.  So, you’re just gonna have to read through my posts that are tagged “Reflections”.  He’s constantly moving in my life and is such a part of my life it’s impossible to separate it from His influence.  🙂

My nieces are AMAZING little souls with ABUNDANT amounts of energy and insight.  Not bad for 3 girls under the age of 11.  LOVE THEM.

The Youth Leaders I’ve been blessed to work with remind me why I do what I do as a Coordinator of Youth Ministry.  They have passion for the Lord, love for each other and their peers; plus they have all the talent, drive and focus to make this world a better place.

The community of BICS & SICS (Brothers in Christ, Sisters in Christ) is one I can write blogs and blogs about.  They are all over my world and part of the reason why I can keep moving.  The Holy Spirit works through them and that’s so apparent and why we love the way we love.  My roomie, Miss Anita, gave me the best analogy: we all are in a canoe paddling along and some days you’re strong enough to paddle and on others, perhaps not…but that’s okay…the others will help paddle us along.

The thing that makes me question hope is when I don’t trust in the Lord or believe that I’m right where I need to be.  My life is a miracle…the ways I’ve been healed are substantial…and YET I continue to struggle with trust.  I have my moments when I lack trust in the Lord, but even worse, I sometimes (more often than I am willing to admit) lack trust in my own abilities or my instincts.  I think that I talk myself out of doing what I’m called to do, convincing myself that I don’t have what it takes or that I’m too much or I’m not enough.  That’s when I need to step back and breathe and remember who I am.



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  1. January 18, 2011 10:47 am

    Absolutely loved this post. As for the question posed my wife and kids give me hope

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