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Topic #19: What’s the bravest thing?

January 18, 2011

Topic #19

Here’s today’s topic idea, with three, count ‘em three, options (brought to you by

Describe a time when you witnessed bravery: a) in your profession b) with your own eyes c) in someone you admire.

This one’s got me thinking…I feel my cranium digging through the archives to recognize moments of bravery…and have come up with a few.

a) in my profession & b) with my own eyes:

I’ve noticed young people taking many risks to stand up for what they believe in, to the point that would make most adults break out a sweat just thinking about it.  I think the bravest thing I’ve seen this year came from a young man I didn’t know very well, even though he’s been around a few years.  He was having a bit of a challenging situation, but didn’t communicate this to me until he was helping to lead retreat and was having a sort of melt down.  I’d never seen him reach this stage EVER, so I was definitely concerned and put on my listening ears.  I encouraged him to take a break and to come back to join us for the evening’s activities.  The bravery comes in when he allowed me to pray with him out loud.  Letting down your guard is a tough thing…and allowing others to help you while you’re vulnerable, that’s even tougher.

c) in someone you admire:

This dovetails onto points a) & b)…I saw courage in Pope John Paul the Great in his dying days, particularly when he was at his window for the last time overlooking St. Peter’s Square.  I am not sure if the pain was so great or if it was the presence of so many faithful souls interceding for him that made him break down and weep in front of them.  I only saw the footage for a fleeting second, but it pierced my heart & immediately tears were running down my face before I knew what was going on.  He let down his guard and let others carry him through their presence and prayers.

While I know that bravery is something that would be more associated with combat or “rescuing” others, I honestly see bravery as something that everyone has either exhibited or witnessed for themselves in everyday life.  It’s difficult to face one’s own flaws as well as one’s talents.  As a former perfectionist, I have come to embrace that while I am not a perfect person, I am the perfect me and I’m FINALLY okay to embrace that fact: flaws and all.


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