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Topic #21: Most important thing accomplished

January 20, 2011

Topic #21

Here’s today’s topic idea, brought to you by

What’s the single most important thing you accomplished in 2010? And how do you plan to top it in 2011 (perhaps by completing your blogging challenge!)

The most important thing I accomplished in 2010 is the change to being a vegan for the majority of the year.  It was actually an easy thing to do, but getting away from it and going back was more challenging.

The social implications to having an alternative lifestyle change was most difficult, in particular, with my very own family, work, community.  My good friends were able to handle it and they were very supportive of the change. I’m definitely struggling NOW on how to keep up this lifestyle and the majority of my family, work mates & community are aware of veganism and the positive impact it’s had on my life.

In reflecting on how I was able to go for 7 months without even breaking away from veganism, I have to chalk that up to a LOT of God’s grace.  I had such a purpose-filled drive to change my eating habits.  This year, it’s been more of a challenge and I’m getting out of my “rebellious” phase.  I plan on taking the next 6 weeks beginning on Sunday, January 23 to embrace a healthier life style, returning to veganism by way of the “Eat to Live” model.  The consumption of fresh fruit, veggies & beans is a powerful and effective way of re-ordering my system to the best level of health I’ve ever experienced.  I am truly looking forward to celebrating my next birthday, so I’m going to give it a beautiful 6 week make-over from the inside out.

For those who have concerns over whether or not this is a “healthy” way to lose weight, etc., let me give you the results of the changes I’ve experienced.  In November 2009, my fasting blood sugar level was at 118…2 points shy of putting me into the pre-diabetic stage.  I came in at 179 pounds, the heaviest I’d ever weighed.  I resolved to try something different and that difference was going full on vegan.  By my last visit with the doctor in June of 2010, my weight was down to 155 and my fasting blood sugar was at 89…a normal count.  I did not pick up any exercise regiment (although that would have helped me lose more weight) and the weight came off along with a couple of dress sizes.  I honestly know it was from changing my diet that I dropped the weight.  When I decided to start eating meat again, I gained 12 pounds in a matter of a few weeks and my body absolutely started to feel sluggish and awful.  I know that when I was eating meat, I didn’t have the craving to eat the fresh fruits & veggies and that made all the difference to me.

I know what I’ve become as a result of being vegan and I need to get back there because my life is at stake.  So this is pretty high on my list of things I need to accomplish this year…I’m changing my life for the healthier.

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