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Topic #22: Describe the Sound of your laugh…

January 20, 2011

Topic #22

As the first topic today was close to a previous topic, here’s a bonus one that’s definitely different, brought to you by

Describe what your laugh sounds like. Who in your family is your laugh most similar to, and most different from?

Oh, boy…LOVE this topic!

I can describe for you a couple of my different laughs.

1.)  The Chicken: which apparently is the sound of my “clucking” like a hen…not a lot of sound comes out, but the pattern has a “fowl” sense of humor.

2.) The Bouncing Ball: follows the pattern of one of those “Super” bouncy balls that when dropped from a few feet off the ground, has a rather large bounce upwards that tends to have less height as it bounces on the floor away from you.  I hope this makes sense….

I need to pay closer attention to find out who I laugh the most like or the least like….I can tell you my family’s sense of humor is definitely unique unto ourselves, but whose family isn’t unique?  *shrug*

Usually either of these laughs come out when my (in)famous roomie, Miss Anita, starts laughing.  Her laugh makes me laugh and I am not the only person who can attest to her laugh being infectious.  Practically everyone who’s been in her presence when she laughs CRACKS up and there are tears, stitches and sounds that makes everyone in the room lose all composure.  It’s a GREAT laugh…and thankfully, we do that all the time.

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