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Dance, Little Sister…

January 22, 2011

It is a genuine JOY to be on the floor, dancing with some amazing people and watching them have a good time.  I always have such a blast with the swing dance community because the music is good, the fashion is stunning and the dancing…..OH THE DANCING!

I got on the floor tonight at the request of a ‘lil sister before she heads out to the islands for college and I had such a blast watching her go.  I can’t believe I’ve known her as long as I have.  She has not really changed too much over the last few years, but I do enjoy watching her dance with some pretty awesome people.  I can’t take any credit for any of this…although I do admit that once she heard about me swing dancing, she jumped on the band wagon & found herself quite a home.  During the last song (for my night), I watched her be herself as she would take her partner’s hat off his head and him taking it back from her.  It’s the epitome of who she is…carefree, silly and very fast on her feet.  🙂

I think that watching other dancers dance, I can see what kind of mood they are in, what skill level they are at and their ability to keep their wits about them as they work with each other.  It’s not a forum for a lot of verbal conversation, but the communication between couples is CONSTANT.  I know that when I get tired, I am a horrible follow, because no matter how much I want to obey my leader’s lead, I can’t override my body to cooperate.  So I do my best to gracefully bow out early, even though I try to stay as late as I can.  I still do my best to “be the Ferrari the guys want to drive” when I’m on the floor, however, there are more things I can pick up to be a better follow.  Sometimes, I get a humble reminder of how to be a good follow from the newer dancers…they remind me how to be super sensitive to a lead’s signals or when I’m leading, I pay attention to the signals that I’m giving.

All in all, it’s been a great start of 2011, hitting the dance floor every week.  Next Wednesday night there will be live music @ the Firehouse (woo hoo!) and there are more fun things to pick up at The Jam on Friday.  I hope that each of you dance like no one’s watching sometime in the next week…it makes you feel real good!


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  1. January 24, 2011 12:49 pm

    I definitely give you the credit for getting me to jump on the social dance bandwagon. ALL OF IT!

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