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Topic #30: Venting

January 28, 2011

Topic #30

Here’s today’s topic, brought to you by

What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts?

Today, the technology in my office isn’t going so well, but it seems that is the case when there is something super important that needs to come through for someone else.  So, I’m offering it up for anyone else who is having trouble with the internet with time sensitive stuff.

In this moment, I know I’m not in charge & it’s okay.  All I can do is trust that everything is going to work the way it’s supposed to.  Holy Spirit, come.

When things don’t go the way I’d like them to, it’s hard to give myself the chance to look at it from another point of view.  That’s when I end up learning some of life’s most important lessons.  I learned that in offering up my sufferings, the effort it takes to endure does not go to waste.  In every good and challenging situation, I fight to choose how to handle it.  Some days I do well with it and others, I fail.  Either way it works, I have come to know that if I’m honest with the Lord about how I feel, He takes care of the rest.  AND He knows how to keep secrets.  🙂

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