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The storm has passed…onward and upward

February 14, 2011

The beginning of this month was particularly difficult to get through…survived a bout of depression that just took over and put me over the edge for about a week, but now things are much better.  I think that it was honestly a case of too many good things going on at the same time…I went into mental overload to SHUT DOWN.

For a Music Monday, I had an awesome start working with a fantastic lady I’ve known for a while.  I didn’t know she’s a singer, too, so we’re working on getting a few breathing techniques and warm up exercises under our belts.  For me, it’s like having a “work out” partner to keep me accountable and on my toes.  Truthfully, I’m not so good at getting the habit of vocally warming up in my daily routine.  It’s so refreshing to work with someone eager to work on her chops…I’m truly looking forward to helping her…which really helps me, too.

One of my favorite singers, Melissa Polinar kicked out a video of an original tune today, so I put that up in an earlier post.  She’s definitely an inspiration and one who is reminding me to get out there and start playing out a bit.  I ventured out of my comfort zone last night by playing one of my recorded pieces for youth group last night as a part of night prayer.  It’s one of my very favorites that I’ve written and the recording came out better than what I heard in my head when I wrote the tune.  I haven’t figured out how to upload audio just yet, but I may need to get a youtube video out there soon.  (O.o)

I’ll be going on vacation here soon…not sure if I’ll be writing everyday while I’m on holiday, but I think I’ll take the time to reflect on the good things I’ve experienced in this last year.  My birthday’s coming up and I’ve found that reflecting on where I’ve been and where I’d like to be has become a good tradition.

So…on that cheerful note, I hope all of you have a fantastic day.  Be good to yourselves and give a little love to someone else today: be it a smile, a hug or a genuine compliment.  Cheers!


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