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Today’s lesson on the dance floor is….

February 16, 2011

I was truly hesitant to hit the dance floor again today.  I came up with the following excuses: it’s raining, I’m not feeling 100% better, I have nothing to wear…you know the drill.  I asked a friend for a little help & he put it in such a way that made it easy: “Go dance”.  That’s all I needed.

I’ve been taking a Spinning class this month with a gal who holds the Guiness world record for most spins in a minute…which is intimidating all in itself…not to mention I am a world-class klutz with no confidence when it comes to spinning on her own axis.  I think this falls under the category of “athleticism” which is a foreign entity to me altogether.

The beginning of the lesson was particularly disastrous at first until I got a few tips along the path to help me gain some confidence.  Our teacher kept it simple and was able to assess what my problem(s) are.  She was able to get me to relax, but the biggest gift of all was receiving the confidence to know that I CAN spin on my axis.  It will take a lot more practice, but I was given permission to keep moving & know that I don’t have to always “look” for approval from my partner…it’s going to be in the way he leads me to a double spin.

Bottom line: have confidence in your own ability to handle yourself….follows, that is one of the biggest things to remember when you’re on the floor.  While the lead’s job is to keep you safe & moving, the follow’s job is to be confident and able to respond to the lead’s signals.  I’m slowly learning to trust myself and my abilities, but in order to do that…I just have to keep showing up.  🙂



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