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Topic #31: Technology

February 16, 2011

In the attempt to catch up, here we go….

Topic #31

Here’s today’s topic, brought to you by

What’s one piece of technology you can’t live without?

Bonus topic:  What technology do you wish would disappear from the world?

I thought about this and was thinking that there HAD to be a way to live without technology (look at life just about 50-100 years ago!), so truly, I COULD live without any of it…but seeing this is the world we live in now…I’d have to say any device that plays music: a record player, a cassette player, cd player, mp3 player.  I know some folks out there have no IDEA what a cassette player is but I have a WHOLE BOX of cassettes that need to be transferred over to digital or else, I won’t ever get to play those again.  A good handful are rehearsals  & performances from college, performances after college, etc.  These actually represent a part of my life that very few folks in my world today actually know about.

My experience in college is definitely more like a petrie dish or a bubble…folks in San Diego didn’t have a clue what life was like for me in Denver and folks in Denver definitely didn’t know what I left.  My entrance & exit into Colorado has neat & tidy beginnings and endings…no strings attached going in (so to speak) and definitely no signs of me leaving (very few knew I left…no parties or farewells, just packed up a van and left).  So, there’s a whole section for me to rifle through next week while on vacation.

As for a technology that I wish didn’t exist: I’d have to spend a while thinking on that….  😉

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