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2nd Friday in Lent

March 18, 2011

I’m waiting for my crew to show up for our grand adventure that is LA Congress & I realize just how blessed I am.

This week has been full of awesome adventures, including a step or 2 forward as a musician.  I’m in the works of having one of my pieces professionally shopped with a company in Hollywood.  When I received the letter, I was in SHOCK & cried my eyes out.  They picked the one about the Eucharist.  AMAZING.

My dear BIC, Fred, reminded me that the readings for yesterday had the following passage: “Seek and you shall find”.  It’s funny how long I’d been seeking an answer to the whole musician part of my life & it’s all starting to fall into place.  I’m amazed at how things are looking at this time & I am SO blessed.

While I’m up @ Congress this weekend, I’ll be popping in @ Catholic Underground to participate in their Talent Showcase.  I’m excited because it’ll be fun to hear fresh stuff & also be able to share the goodness I’ve received.  I pray that as we celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph (my patron saint & papa extraordinaire) the Holy Spirit will have His way with us all.  If you’re up in the area (West Hollywood) tomorrow night, come swing by St. Victor’s & hang out with the Lord & some pretty awesome folks.  I think you’ll find it most welcoming & enjoyable.  HOLY SPIRIT, COME!

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