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Topic #41: Dream Vacation

March 18, 2011

Topic #41

Here’s today’s topic, brought to you by

Describe your dream vacation.

Bonus:  describe your last vacation. (extra-bonus, is to compare your dream vacation to your last one).

Wow…vacation doesn’t happen for me often because I’m usually broke.  I have vacation time (to speak of), but with no money to travel, that limits things a bit.  “Stay”cations are what I end up doing, but those are pretty nice, too.  San Diego is definitely a place where resident can play tourist in their own town.

So, an all expense paid trip ANYWHERE would be lovely.  Here are my top 7 places to go:

1.)  Italy (Rome, Tuscany, etc.)

2.) Lourdes (France)

3.) Australia

4.) New Zealand

5.) the UK–all over the islands

6.) China

7.) Philippines (for the beaches, etc.)

Mostly, I’d love to go to places where friends live so I can see their homeland through their eyes.  That’s usually the best way to get to know a foreign land.  🙂

I’d like to visit the holy sites for these places…making these vacations also a bit of a retreat.  It would also be nice to get away from everything & not carry too much with me.  Just a camera, a journal & the very very basic necessities.  Of course, I’d love to travel with a couple of close friends who would also enjoy adventures abroad.  I guess if I ever win the lottery, I better have my passport ready to go.

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