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Topic #42: Favorite Word

March 18, 2011

Topic #42

Here’s today’s topic, brought to you by

What is your favorite word? Why?

Bonuses:  What is your least favorite word? What word are you entirely neutral about? For all your word choices, is it how they sound, or what they mean that defines your opinion of them?

Boiling down the English language down to one word as a favourite?  Not an easy feat.  I think it depends on the day, but one of my favorite words is phenomenal.  I think that it covers a LOT of the adventures I’m blessed to have & the people in my life truly are phenomenal.  Here’s the definition according to


phenomenal pronunciation /fɪˈnɒmənl/ Show Spelled[fi-nom-uh-nl] Show IPA



highly extraordinary or prodigious; exceptional: phenomenal speed.

of or pertaining to phenomena.

of the nature of a phenomenon;  cognizable by the senses.
World English Dictionary
phenomenal (fɪˈnɒmɪn ə l) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]
1. of or relating to a phenomenon
2. extraordinary; outstanding; remarkable: a phenomenal achievement
3. philosophy known or perceived by the senses rather than the mind

Most of the people and circumstances in my life ARE phenomenal.  The phenomena of the human being is beyond all understanding, although, we each have been given an ability to try to explain the nuances of the connections of atoms which make up cells which make up entire organisms, etc….your mind can blow up from the onslaught of information, yet, truly, the human mind can handle a LOT.  🙂  Good stuff.

As for the sound of the word: it’s a fun word to say.  Especially if you change it up to this: phenomenology-the study of phenomenon.

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