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Topic #46: One thing I’ve learned recently

March 20, 2011

Topic #46

Here’s today’s topic, brought to you by

Share one thing that you learned recently.

Bonus: Share one thing you wish you learned recently (Ninja skills, teleportation, etc.).

I learned that I REALLY LOVE being a performer.  It sounds funny, coming out of me as a music leader, teacher, singer/songwriter, it would seem as natural to me as breathing.   As I was driving home from Anaheim today I externally processing with my roomie how long it’s taken me to truly embrace this part of me.

My healing has led to a re-ordering of my entire purpose and view on life.  I know that when I lead music or I teach music, there are very clear expectations and a natural attitude I need to take to serve others well.  As a music leader, there’s a specific way of serving the rest of the musicians to encourage them to bring their best skills forward.  Being a performer is something I’ve been since I was a child, but I have stayed away from performing in the last 10 years (in comparison to my life as a music student).  I’m starting to exercise those sets of muscles and I’m rediscovering just how much I truly enjoy performing, but I also find myself being a little more self-conscious since the spotlight is trained on me.  When I lead worship, the point and purpose is to lead others to the Lord…the spotlight is on Him & NOT me.

The good thing about the music I tend to write has more to do with Him than with myself, although, every once in a while a couple pop up as a testimony of my own journey.  As the coming months bring more opportunities to play out, I look forward to honing my performing skills once again, but with a new heart, a new focus & a renewed purpose.  I can’t hardly wait!

As for a skill I wish I could pick up: being a ninja would be awesome…but given my klutzy nature, that would be a MIRACLE.

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