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Topic #49: One million dollars

March 20, 2011

Topic #49:

Today’s topic is brought to you by

What would you do with a million dollars, tax free?

I’d tithe out $100,000 to split between my parish & my community first.  With the remaining 900,000: I’d pay off ALL my debts along with my immediate family’s debts.  I’d set up trust funds for my nieces, scholarships for my alma maters, the youth ministry I work with as well as the wider community.  I’d set up money on the side to fund my recording project(s) and also look at other projects that fellow musicians, artists, dancers would like to do.

Traveling would be wonderful, so I may set some funds aside for pilgrimages with family & friends.  I’d love to go back to my homeland and spend time with family.

Practically, I would love to buy my own place.  I’d like to buy a nice plot of land and hire a great architect who would be able to help me build a home that is eco-friendly from the ground up.  There would definitely be a LARGE kitchen and a REALLY big room for instruments, etc. for some SERIOUS gatherings for Bagels & Praise.  It would not be a super big house with a ton of rooms & a lot of stuff.  It would be a home that would definitely be homey and extremely functional as well as simple as possible.  It would be great to have a place close enough (walking distance) to my home parish, a local farmer’s market type-grocery.

On an extremely imaginative purchase: I’d love to buy a “Firefly”.  😉  If it was possible to experience that ship for myself, I’d love it.

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