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Topic #58: Random Act of Kindness

March 28, 2011

Topic #58

What was the last time you did a random act of kindness?

Bonus: If you’ve never done a random act of kindness, do you think you should? why or why not?

Today at lunch time, I was really struggling with fatigue and trying to get out of my funk.  As the lady “plunked” my lunch down in front of me, I looked up at her and smiled sincerely while saying, “Thank you”.  She was taken aback by my tone of voice & honest smile.  I decided to offer up my struggles for her this afternoon in the hopes that her day is going better.

Suffering is something that I take for granted in the fact that it can be used as a prayer for others.  The little things I go through, like frustrations with equipment that does not work when I need it to or stubbing my toe when I’m rushing from one thing to the next.  It sounds silly & almost trite, but those little sufferings are offered up for others.  In truth, they really do help me bear the suffering well; at least, much better than how it is when I don’t.

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