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Topic #59: The smallest thing…

March 28, 2011

Topic #59

What is the smallest thing near you? Write a paragraph about it.

Bonus: Use your imagination – are elements the smallest thing? atoms? quarks?  How do you feel about the fact we keep finding smaller and smaller things inside of things that are already quite small?

A green electric pencil sharpener containing several bits of wood and lead sit quietly on the vast plane of a desktop.  Innocent looking enough, keeping to themselves and not moving a bit.  The shavings have a light airy quality about them as the sharpener moves at quick speeds to create a point of graphite.  Pieces of pencils that used to be together in one mass, now separated by a little metal whirring about lay helplessly in this tiny container…waiting….waiting for a chance to seek revenge.

A moment of complete klutziness and the sharpener goes flying off the desk, time slowing to a painful crawl as it hits a nearby chair, dislodging the contained shards of pencil & releasing them into the wild.  In the open air pieces of graphite, wood & minuscule gray particles go airborne and falling into every tiny crack and crevice available to them.  On pale surfaces the lead makes clouds of smoky smudges, in dark places, the bright pieces of yellow are plain as day.

Amazing how tiny little shavings of wood can cause so much trouble, especially when there is no vacuum in sight.

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