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Topic #62: Longest time without sleep

March 29, 2011

Topic #62

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What’s the longest you’ve been without sleep?

If your blog is about work, tell the story of an all-nighter you have pulled. If your blog is about an area of interest, tell a story of the last time you missed sleep, or got up extra early, to do something you enjoy.

I think that the longest I have been without sleep would be during my college days.  I was in the middle of an opera weekend & had gotten into a LONG argument with my college sweetheart.  We kept talking & arguing points with each other until the sun came up the next morning.  We went outside to watch the sun come up & we made up.  I still had the matinee to perform for, so I think I possibly was running on about 36 hours without sleeping.  When it comes to performing, though, there’s this crazy high that comes with shows from opening night to the strike show.  Cat naps are absolutely necessary…but the coffee/cigarette businesses get a huge boom from performers at times like this.

I have not been a part of a production since college, but have prepared for different performances, etc.  I realize that when it comes to working on music, I can operate on very little sleep, food or sanity.  But that has everything to do with giving up everything for something you love.  You don’t mind doing it and in the end, you’re glad you did.

Now, as a Youth Minister, the longest I’d go without sleep would have everything to do with preparing for & running a retreat.  Very little sleep is involved, but the weekend is something that touches not only the hearts of those attending the retreat, but those who are putting on the retreat.  It’s what makes us LOVE ministry in spite of the long hours and the sacrifice of time, food & sleep.  In the end, I never regret the amount of time spent in preparation.  I only take a lot of notes to figure out how to make things go smoother the next time around.  🙂

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