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Topic #63: My town

March 29, 2011

Topic #63

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Describe the town where you grew up.

Do you still live there? If not, do you ever visit?

My town is not necessarily a little town.  It’s a delightful SoCal city, about 20 minutes away from the beach, sprawled out for many miles.  It’s not very accessible by walking or public transportation unless you live or work in an area where everything is close by.

My family commuted everywhere: school, work, church when we were in elementary school.  We would barely walk anywhere, except in the summertime.  My sister and I could walk to the community pool for our swimming lessons or the local library.  The library was just down the block across the street from a shopping mall.  The community pool was actually a couple of miles away, but we never really noticed those things as a kid.  Distance didn’t mean too much to us then.  There were not a lot of friends nearby, so we would have to be driven to each other’s homes.

As I got to be older and we moved to another part of the town, I learned how to take the bus to and from school and to other places like work & the beach.  There was a local taco shop on the corner where the bus would drop me off & I’d stop by for rolled tacos with my sister or friends.  My church & youth group were just across the street and that’s where you’d find me if I wasn’t at school with the drama club.  I caught rides with friends or sometimes friends would take the bus with me to my place.  Mom was always really cool with having my friends come and visit.  I think they liked hanging out because there was always some good food to be had.

When I was a senior in high school, we moved to a house that I lived in for less than 6 months.  I moved away to college in CO.  The house was alright, but it was in an area I was not familiar with.  By that point in time, I was in a carpool with a friend or my high school sweetheart would give me rides.  I re-learned the routes to take by bus and got around that way, too.  The bigger mall was more accessible because there was a major transportation center there.  We still went to the same school & church, but it would take a time and better planning to get there.  I sometimes miss that old apartment, just because of how close it was to everything I knew in high school.  I’ll drive by every once in a while and remember what it was like to live there.  It does not look anything like how it was back then, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget living there.

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