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Topic #64: Magic Tree

March 29, 2011

Topic #64

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You’ve got a magic tree: what does it grow?

My magic tree grows more than a couple of things.

Avocados on one side because I consume those almost every day.  They are expensive but SO worth it!  I never ate avocados growing up, but I can pretty much slice them up on toast & call it good.  🙂  Another side of the tree would have oranges and fuji apples, because those are also scrumptious.

It’s a curious thing to have a tree producing 3 kinds of fruits, but the highest part of the tree is the most special part because of the fruit it produces.  It’s not money or anything like it.  It’s something so precious, it’s impossible to climb to in a single day.  This tree is pretty tall, you see.  It seems that the more you climb this tree to get to the top, you’ll never reach the highest point.  It keeps stretching further and further up into the sky.  It seems that it would take you days to get back down to earth, but it only takes a minute.  That’s what makes this tree so special.  The good stuff is at the top, but since you can’t climb it in a single day, the fruit at the top is a mystery.  It will probably be like that for all of eternity.

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