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Topic #66: Mind-Reader

March 30, 2011

Topic #66

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If you could read minds for a day, would you?

Whose? What would you want to find out?

It would be fascinating to be able to read the mind of another person…let alone everyone else around you.  I think I’d give it a whirl and go for it.

I’d love to be in a room full of monks or cloistered nuns while they are deep in contemplation.  It would be amazing to hear what’s going on in their minds as they pray.  To be in a room full of musicians or dancers would also be quite fascinating.  It would be great to hear the thoughts of deaf people or people who are bi-lingual…would they speak in their native tongue or would they think in a language I could understand?

I think that I should pay more attention to my own thoughts before I get totally distracted by other people’s thoughts, though.  It would be difficult to be objective if I can’t keep my wits about me in the midst of hearing everyone else’s thoughts.


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