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Topic #68: Fictional Character

April 1, 2011

Topic #68

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If you could bring one fictional character to life for a day, who would you choose?

What would you do for the day?

Captain Malcolm Reynolds from “Firefly”.  This guy is amazing…not to mention incredibly attractive.  It actually stuns me that I know guys like him…but I love his down to earth honesty with himself and his loyalty to his crew.  He’s a deep well of experience and fascinating…a mystery, because “so few men are” as Inara would put it.

If I was hanging out with the Captain…I am pretty sure there would be some adventures in store.  All I know is that I’d better be wary & ready for anything to happen.  Perhaps I’m just a passenger on the Firefly or a good friend of Shepherd Book…someone who is on the run or has a heist cooking up in my head…any way it works, I’m sure that Captain Mal would be game & able to help me get from one place to another…but not without a little adventure revealing a little more of who he is. 

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