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Topic #69: Life Changing Book

April 1, 2011

Topic #69

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Name a book that changed your life.

What influence did it have on your thoughts, attitudes, and actions?

A book that changed my life is “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  It seriously changed the way I see food & how I need to take care of myself.  My entire lifestyle changed as a result of eating the way he prescribed and totally influenced me to become vegan, although, that is not exactly what the diet is all about.

I was knocking on the door of Type II diabetes late November 2009 with my fasting blood sugar at 118.  The doctor told me that I needed to change my eating habits & that was about it.  I did a little research (not to mention some praying with it) & found “Eat to Live”.  The title alone was intriguing & the subtitle said: “Lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks”…I was skeptical at first.  I read the entire book & decided to go vegan.  It’s not necessarily recommended by Dr. Fuhrman, but you should read the book yourself to get the whole picture.  I was going to go vegan for 6 weeks.  Then I spoke with a friend who has been vegan for YEARS & she looks even younger than how I remembered her 10 years before.  She encouraged me to go for 6 months.

I went the distance & a little farther & found myself shrinking from a size 14-10 and lost over 20 pounds in the short span of time.  This was all without exercising…it was changing my diet alone.  I had regular check ups with my doctor and she couldn’t believe the results.  My blood sugar dropped down to the 80s…completely healthy.

I did step away from veganism after about 7.5 months & watched myself gain 10 pounds within 2 months & also feel the changes that took over my body.  The holidays were a real struggle for me and I resolved to go back to veganism in 2011.  So far, it’s been difficult, but it’s also because I have not made a commitment to eat on a regular basis.  I know it’s something I need to do for myself in order to live and also be able to serve those around me.  So…everyday is a new challenge & one that I choose to take up.

I highly recommend this book for those who need to change their eating habits for health reasons.  It’s a wonderful way to help in regards to education & a great way to change your life.  As for me, it’s time to start that up again & re-read this wonderful treasure.  Here’s to a happy, healthy life!

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