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Topic #75: Biggest Lesson so far this year…

April 2, 2011

Topic #75:

What’s the biggest lesson you learned so far this year?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far this year is that I’m very human.  It sounds funny, but the struggle I’ve been experiencing lately is the war between my body & my spirit.  I know that this is more (or less) common with folk who are “on the path to enlightenment” or actively working to become saints.  My spiritual life is pretty good.  On the outside it looks good, but a revelation came up during prayer time yesterday.   I realized that I am NOT fooling the one who matters the most.  He knows what I need & I keep avoiding Him at all costs.

Being holy (meaning set apart) is a different thing from looking holy.  I was lovingly brought to the realization that I’ve been a human doing instead of a human being.  Doing things that are holy are good.  But even doing too many good things is still TOO MUCH.  The grace to stand still & just breathe is not an easy gig for me, nor is it a natural tendency.  I’ve been named a couple things: “the Energizer Bunny”, “ball of energy”, etc.  GO, GO, GO….The one commandment I break constantly: “Keep holy the Sabbath”.  Unplugging is an act of the will that is something I am exercising more and more. Taking care of myself is the last priority on my list.

My body insists on acting appropriately to the way that I treat it.  I don’t eat on a regular basis, so it is not functioning at the best level possible.  I eat food that is far from healthy, and I break out.  I don’t sleep early (due to some late evenings), so I am sluggish the next day.  The human body is such a wonderful, awesome thing.  It will honestly tell you what is wrong as long as you are willing to be still enough to listen to it. I cannot separate my spirit from my body…that’s not how I’m made.  I need to care for it very well in order to take care of the things I’m blessed to be a steward of. I’m learning that I cannot be a great spiritual leader or example to others if I’m not taking care of my very own temple!  Today I’ll start again with a renewed will to take care of my body.  Holy Spirit, come!

On a sidebar: today’s the 6th anniversary of Pope John Paul the Great’s passing.  He was a man who showed the world the love of Christ.  JP2, we love you.  Pray for us.

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