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Topic 79: Risk

April 3, 2011

Topic #79:

Describe the biggest risk you’ve ever taken (and what happened)

Bonus: Describe the biggest risk you considered taking, but didn’t.

The biggest risk I ever took was when I worked for an insurance company as a claims adjuster.  I had experienced 2 mental breakdowns in 6 months and I was so lost.  I knew that I didn’t belong there, but I was too scared to see myself doing something different.  My moment came up when I went away for a teen retreat & had an encounter with the Lord in such a profound way that I got the courage to take the risk.  I gave my 2 weeks notice the very next day without a plan.  I ended up taking one week off to help with renovations at my mom’s house.  I applied for a job working minimum wage & worked for 3 months to the day.  It was such a huge difference from the corporate job, but I was relieved to work there.  Within the 3 months, I was offered a job to teach music at a private school and the rest is history.  Every job I ever took since then has been offered to me.  I’ve never had to worry about work and while I am not making a lot of money, I’ve never been so happy.  I’d say that it was worth the risk.

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