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Topic #84: Instant Skill

April 4, 2011

Topic  #84:

If you could master any skill instantly, what would it be?

Bonus: In the movie The Matrix people could download any skill for use inside the virtual world. Is there any skill you think would be impossible to download? Why?

The skill I would like to instantly master is any and every physical skill humanly possible.  I’d love to be able to dance any dance ranging from partner dancing to ballet or hip hop.  I’d like to be able to defend myself with any and every martial art.  I have never been the kind of girl that has an affinity to any athletic skill.

In the world of The Matrix, I think one skill that would be difficult to download (because it’s not a skill) is faith.  Faith is the one thing that allows us to trust in our ability to do anything.  There is a measure of faith that is needed to trust that the skill(s) we acquire will function the way they are supposed to at the time we need them to.

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