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Topic #86: Lucid Dreaming

April 5, 2011

Topic #86:

If you could script tonight’s dream, what would would the plot be?

Bonus topic: There is a concept called lucid dreaming, where people are able to have some control over their dreams. Have you ever had a lucid dream? Would you want one?

If I could script tonight’s dream, I’d like the plot to be a romantic one.  I am definitely a romantic person at heart, but a very old-fashioned one.  If there was a way to have an awesome chaste romantic dream, that would be COOL.  🙂  Put me into the story of “Pride & Prejudice” or “The Princess Bride”.  Those stories would be amazing to be a part of.

I’ve had lucid dreams before, but they are really strange.  It’s more like I’d replay scenes in my head & try to figure out a way to change the outcome or enhance it.  I do not tend to remember my dreams, but when I do, they are definitely intriguing if not strange.  Sometimes I have the sense of touch, I take for granted if I dream in color; sometimes there are smells, but not very often.

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