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Topic #91: Debt

April 8, 2011

Topic #91:

Describe a debt you have yet to repay.

(Hint: it does not have to be a financial debt. Did someone do you a favor? Give you great advice? help you out of a bind?)

A debt I have yet to pay (besides financially) has to do with the gifts I have been blessed with.  I need to give these back in the way I’m called to.  My life is not for my own purposes, but for one that was destined for me.

This may sound lofty or even a little removed, but my life has been paid for by a Savior who gave everything for it.  In learning more about Him, I have come to know that I am called to love as He does, using the gifts I’ve been given to point back to Him & His glory.  There is a reason for my existence and for the suffering I have endured.  My life is meant to be shared to not only give Glory to Him who is the King of kings and Lord of lords, but to bring LIFE to everyone I come into contact with.

I am called to LOVE others.  I am called to LOVE myself.  I am called to LOVE without counting the cost.  This debt is one that will take my entire lifetime on earth to repay and hopefully throughout eternity, I pray my purpose will not cease to exist, but to live on in ways I cannot imagine.  This is the debt I am to pay.  I am blessed to know this and to choose to love.

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