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Topic #92: Runaway Train

April 8, 2011

Topic #92:

An out of control train is about to run over a pile of happy puppies. You are standing at the control switch and can pull the level to direct the train onto a different track, saving their lives. But that other track has a smaller pile of equally happy puppies on it.

What do you do and why?

Note: no actual puppies, happy or sad, were harmed in the making of this topic

Topic inspired by Peter Singer


Happy puppies?  Really?  I’m actually a little perplexed over the premise of the storyline, but here’s what I would do.

I would throw the switch to change tracks onto the one with the smaller number of puppies.  I’d send my husky, Snowball, out to run faster than the train (very special breed of husky, mind you), to nudge them off the track or bark at them to get them off the track.

BUT…in all truth, I would hope that the puppies could feel the impending danger upon them & move themselves happily and quickly off the track.  🙂

If all else fails, I know I’d be saying a prayer to St. Francis of Assisi to move those guys off the track.  😉

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