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Topic #93: Money Don’t Matter…

April 8, 2011

Topic #93:

What would your profession be if you didn’t need money?

Submitted by Marie at the Life Such as it is Blog. Thanks Marie!

In all honesty, if I didn’t need money, my life would not change as it is.  I’d be a youth minister and keep going with this wonderful career.  🙂

Writing music, publishing, recording & performing would be a big part of my life, too, and it would be wonderful because I’m not doing that for the money…I’d be doing that for my soul.  Truth be told, it’s how I see myself and the world of music.

Any way it works, I AM glad that I do get a just wage for the work I do, but if I didn’t have bills to pay or need the money, I’m pretty certain I’d still be doing what I do now.

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