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Topic #96: Bacon Wars…

April 11, 2011

Topic #96:

Write about something to do with bacon. Do you like it? hate it? Wish there more of it, or less? Do you like the way it looks, or do you wish you never saw it again? What do you think of bacon flavored chocolate, or the significance of the phrase “bringing home the bacon?”

Topic submitted by the folks at the Mike/Mitch project, a food blog, where they have many recipes, include a few using bacon.

I dedicate this post to my dear friend, Joe H., without whom this story would not exist.

Once upon a time, a few years ago, I went on a special diet called, “The Maker’s Diet”.  Long story short, it got me to stop eating pork, shellfish & meat sold in the grocery stores.  I went for grass fed, cage free meat.  I was on the diet for about 50 days and didn’t lose a lot of weight, but my skin cleared up.  Good stuff, really.  After the 50 days, I just ended up staying away from pork, bacon, etc.  I ate turkey bacon instead of regular bacon.  A year goes by and I was at a party.  They served pulled pork sandwiches and I thought, “ok, let’s give this a try.”  I ate it and about 6 hours later, I found myself sick in the bathroom.  I came to the conclusion that no more pork products would pass through my system again.

Fast forward to my first experience with leadership camp & enter Joe H.  Once he found out that I’m allergic to pork, he just opened up about how much he LOVES bacon…every bacon joke he had in his roster, every reference to bacon came up.  He even had his oldest son (around 3 years old @ the time) talking about how much he LOVES bacon.  I went away to Denver for my “unofficial” 10 year reunion.  I visited the book store and found a tin can of band aids in the shape of bacon strips.

I couldn’t resist.  I brought them back to Joe H. and he thought it was the GREATEST invention ever.

The following summer, I prepared for our next meeting by picking up chocolate with bacon bits in it (yup…I FOUND some).

He surprised me, too.  I think his gift was better than mine: a tin box of bacon flavored toothpicks.

I had NO idea these things existed.  I carried them around with me for a while (ironic, since I went vegan) and forgot…then I put them away in a safe place.  I’m a little worried about what next summer will bring…perhaps a miniature teacup piggy…I have no clue…but I know I have the bacon wars to look forward to!

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