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Topic #98: Ranting

April 13, 2011

Topic #98:

Write a rant about the pointlessness of rants

Bonus: If you don’t like paradoxical topics, write a rant about why you don’t like paradoxes. If you don’t want to write about that, write about how disappointed you are with my lame choices for topics.

I’d have to say that ranting is actually something that is very helpful to external processors.  It helps to make sense of the stuff going on in their heads.  Keeping things in is difficult to make sense of when it’s all cooped up inside.

That being said, ranting cannot last too long or else it can become complaining…which doesn’t accomplish ANYthing.  If the process of ranting helps one to make decisions and move forward, then the session can be tolerable.  But, in the spirit of just writing about the action of doing this (ranting), I am going to stop right here before I end up pulling off a monologue similar to the villain’s speech right before they meet their inevitable doom.


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