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Topic #100: Unplugged…

April 15, 2011

Topic #100:

Your phone, laptop, tab, ipad and desktop are dead. Will you make it through a normal working day and evening? What would you miss the most?

Thanks to Robert at GroovyPost for the topic suggestion.

I have interesting working days and while these devices would be very helpful, they will not prevent me from spending time with people face to face, to spend time writing letters to folks out of town, play music with others and pray.  While the phone is important to keep in touch with others, it’s not the only way to relate to others.  Besides, there are a lot of things to organize and clean, I could spend the day making sense of the resources I have in my office.  😉

The opportunity to be unplugged is one that I attempt to do once a week (on my day off), just so I can see what is going on in the world with my own eyes & ears.  Being able to just spend time outside with other souls is something I long to do more often.  I know I live in a place where the beach and the hills are very accessible, but I do not tend to make it a point to go to those places.  Whenever I get to the beach and have my feet in the sand, I always take in a deep breath and wonder why I waited so long to get out there.

So, I do not fret too badly when the machines break down.  I get momentarily frustrated but find something else to do very quickly.  Time to unplug again & spend time in this beautiful weather.  🙂  Cheers!

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