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a moment to catch up….

June 23, 2011

I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve written a blog entry and there have been a lot of awesome experiences that have happened.

The time I took off from blogging, I was able to get my head cleared up and re-focused on what really matters.  I found myself getting so distracted by the world of the internet & I decided that it was time for me to take a little break.  My own vision of myself was getting warped by comparing myself to the others around me in the virtual world.  I was also finding myself completely hooked on checking my phone first thing in the morning and the last thing before closing my eyes before going to sleep.  It took a toll on my heart & my soul.

Part of my hiatus brought about the opportunity to prepare for some big events on the professional & spiritual levels of my world.  This also allowed me to dream about getting away on holiday.  I had this interesting situation come up where I realized that I cannot accrue vacation time past 2x of what I get a year.  I found that I was about to lose vacation time, so I took it.  It seems to be a crazy time to go on holiday, just before a super busy July & August, but it proved to be the BEST time to get out.

I had my reservations about leaving for a holiday on my own & even tried to work it out with someone else to come & join me on the way home so I wouldn’t be by myself the entire time.  That fell through, so I went solo & it has been the most AMAZING time of my life.  I met up with folk along the way & am couch surfing as I go.  I’ve stayed in some pretty affordable places & spent a good chunk of time at a B&B (best decision EVER!)  I’ve been able to see the great state of CA up through part of OR & been stomping around WA.  I even left the country for 5 hours & visited Victoria, BC.  Beautiful city, indeed.  I’ve been able to stop at a number of parishes where I’ve been able to pray, go to confession & be in Adoration.  I’m finding myself extremely blessed as I go along.

As I begin my descent back to SoCal by way of Portland & the CA coastal highway, I am doing my best to stay present to what is before me.  I have missed my homies back in SoCal & cried a little while on the phone with loved ones, but it’s been a time that I cherish with all of my being.  I’ll keep posting up photos on my FB so my family & friends know where I am, but I’m sure I’ll get a chance to write more as I go along. An encounter with some Canadian buskers brought about a very interesting concept for my next song along with some bits of conversations I’ve had with good BICs & SICs.  It’ll prove to be a unique piece when it’s all said & done.

On that note, time to jet to Seattle to hear some good live music & hopefully get struck by the Muse.  🙂

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