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Time-Machine back to College Life

September 28, 2011

As I wrote out some cards for former students this morning, I came to the realization of how much time has passed in my short life.  FB has a way of helping me reconnect with people I knew in different chapters of my life and I’m always blown away by the wide array of folks I have had the privilege of growing up with.

Sometimes I look at my friend’s profiles with a sense of nostalgia and others I sense regret: regret for letting time pass without a personable “hello” or for the ways that I have been less charitable towards them.  Still others, I realize that they have helped me to grow into the person I have become.

My past is somewhat compartmentalized between elementary/junior high to high school to college to the life I have as an adult.  Not many know of me from my college days, with exception to the few that I have been blessed to call my friends.  If there is an odd time in my life, I would have to say that college was it.  It has a sense of a “petrie dish” feel to it: my family/friends back home had no idea what life was like for me and the folks in Denver had no idea what life was like for me at home.  My young adult years of returning back to my home town were a bit tumultuous, making the break from being a student into a career person.

If there is ever a time I wish I could take back, it would be college…I would love to go back and dive into the world of studying music again…but without applying for credit cards and possibly without dating anyone…just studying my brains out and enjoying the thrill of preparing for performances.  🙂

Having students who are now in college…and in some cases out of college (yikes!), I am surprised at how much time has passed and how much has changed for young people since I was their age.  I admire this generation for their ability to multi-task as much as they do, but if there are a few things I wish for them to know early on it would be these things, but not necessarily in this order:

1.)  Don’t forget who you are at the very heart of your new lives–but stretch out and grow and try new things

2.)  When the right opportunity arises for you to take a nap: take a nap!

3.)  Stay away from credit cards—at ALL costs.  The cute pair of shoes or the meal that you purchase will not last as long as your debt does (unless you’re paying it off consistently every month!).

4.) Adopt an attitude of gratitude.

5.) Prayer is a lifeline that truly keeps you grounded.  Don’t forget to do this…whatever your style of prayer is…take that time out and gain some perspective through the quiet time.

6.) It takes courage to be who you are in the face of others who may not understand you.  If you can remember this, remember that others have the same problem as you: being themselves in the face of others, too.

7.) Take photographs, write letters, keep a journal…anything that will help you remember what your life in college was like.  This is a good way to track how far you’ve come and keep a sense of your own history for your future families.

8.) Love, love, love…in the purest sense of the action and don’t forget it’s a choice.

9.) Whatever challenges you face in college, you’ll get through them.  Keep your head on straight, ask for help if you need it and smile…tomorrow is a new day to start over again.

10.) Be kind to yourself (mentally, physically, spiritually) and to others around you.  You’d be surprised how this affects your mood and how it builds up the others around you.

Not that anyone needs to take my advice, but this is just all in hindsight of having had a wonderful time in college.  🙂  Hope your adventures are awesome and your days are filled with grace.  Much love & peace to you all.


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