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2014: The Year of Change

February 3, 2014

Making resolutions has never really been my thing. Striving to become the best version of myself IS important to me and this year has proven to be the one that is full of change. 

The first month of 2014 has finished with a couple of goals achieved:

1. I finished reading a book that was recommended to me by a good friend whom I consider a mentor and a spiritual director. Spiritual reading is not as easy for me as picking up an awesome young adult series like “The Hunger Games” or “Divergent.” Reaching this goal has motivated me to continue picking up more spiritually/mentally challenging books for the rest of the year. I want to read one good book every month, if I stick to it.

2. I experienced an unfortunate reaction to eating candy one afternoon and it FINALLY hit me that I CANNOT do this to my body anymore. Again, while I’m not a resolution kind of girl, I have decided to give it up for the rest of the year and quite possibly for the rest of my life. Being a type 2 diabetic stinks, but the consequences of the disease uncontrolled are FAR worse than me fighting my food cravings sans medication. I never want to get on medication for this disease and Holy Spirit help me, I won’t. Next on the list: all sweets & sugar. It won’t be easy, but it will be necessary to kick diabetes out of my life. 

So far, the second month of 2014 has started with a bit of a challenge, but I realize that it’s necessary to grow. Some things are being taken from me and it’s been humbling to let go. In the past, I’d be staring at the doors that were shut and wonder why I couldn’t go in them anymore. I’d even attempt to open the doors by picking the locks, break them down or even stare at them sullenly, willing them to open for me. Something must have changed, because this time around, I am turning my back on the closed doors and I’m walking away from them. I had my moments of being dismayed, angry and even sad this time around, but some emotions came up that I did not expect: relief, joy, excitement. I finally realized that some things are being taken away from me to make room for others. I also realized that I need to shut some doors myself, because exercising self-control is good and healthy not only in regards to food and physical exercise, but in mental and emotional areas, too. 

The next challenge is going to be a bit of a doozy, but it wouldn’t be a challenge if it were easy. I knew that I was spending too much time on my iPad when I found myself cross-eyed from playing Candy Crush (and Bejeweled…and Flow…and Angry Birds….) into the wee hours of the night several times throughout 2013. I also have a ton of books that I can read on my iPad. At first, I’ve made attempts to NOT be plugged in after 9 p.m. in order to have some sort of peace before going to sleep. I’m also not a fan of watching t.v. too late into the night. I’ve discovered that I have the sort of imagination that is rich and full of all sorts of creativity. This sort of thing doesn’t just shut down because it’s time to go to sleep. As a matter of fact, it’s been downright awful not getting the proper night’s rest due to staying up late with my iPad or watching t.v. There’s nothing relaxing for me about it. The overstimulation caused me grief.

Last week, I took the games off my iPad. That was liberating. This morning, I removed the Facebook app and even knocked out a couple of other social networking apps off of it. 

I won’t be checking my FB account very often this month. That will be a challenge, but a necessary one. My relationships with people are not limited to social websites. I look forward to strengthening them through some old-fashioned methods like e-mail, texts, snail mail….awww, heck…how about this one: phone calls! I love catching up over the phone or better yet, in person! For those who are far away, Skype or FaceTime. I need to BE with people to build up relationships. Social networking is awesome if we don’t live near each other, but seriously, for the folk whom I am privileged to call friend or family AND live within the same city limits, I’d rather spend time with you in person. So, there you have it. February’s challenge will be to connect to people, live and in person. 

Here’s to an awesome year, folks…one moment at a time. 


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  1. Barbara Silvia permalink
    February 3, 2014 11:22 am

    I have many excellent books I can suggest! The first one is a page turner – Rebuilt!!!!!!

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