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Being a Marked Woman

June 26, 2014
My friend, DB, had done a post on tattoos and I was sad that I didn’t add on to his work. 😦 Must have missed the boat on requesting folk to share their stories in ink. You can read his post here:
It started out as an e-mail to DB, but I realized that I wanted to share this one myself. It HAS been a long time since I posted anything and this is as good a topic as anything to write about. 

Photo by Chris Maze
This circular tattoo has the Latin phrase: “Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam” (“For the Greater Glory of God”) which is associated with the Jesuits. I was not educated by the Jesuits, but my mother and sister were. The crown in the middle is in direct reference to the scripture (RSV) passage under it: 
“Blessed the man who endures trial for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life which God has promised to those who love Him.” 
This passage came at a very trying time of my life that changed the course of my adulthood, leading me to some massive healing within my family. Coupled with the AMDG, it is the centerpiece of my faith. The setting on my left arm is based upon the passage from Song of Songs: 8:6 “Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm.” I designed this tattoo and placed it there intentionally to be seen when I play guitar or when I shoot (archery). The song “You Won’t Relent” was a big inspiration for this piece. This was done on the feast of St. Joseph: March 19, 2013, which is the day Pope Francis was installed. 🙂 The timing was a God-incidence. 
self portrait
This is for “Ave Maria,” a direct correlation with the 9th anniversary of my Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. This particular version was seen at the Church of the Visitation in Jerusalem.

I had not commemorated my Total Consecration in a visible way, minus breaking scapulars left and right. When I saw this in the Holy Land, I knew immediately I wanted to remember my pilgrimage and make my total consecration official. Being a musician, I couldn’t bring myself to wear a chain (being klutzy isn’t helpful) which is the visible sign you see on most folk who complete their Total Consecration, either around their wrist or their ankle. While I was in the Holy Land, I was renewing my Total Consecration by both St. Louis de Monfort’s method and 33 Days to Morning Glory. The pilgrimage was life-changing. 🙂
This is the 3rd tattoo I have, which I got done on my 9th anniversary of my Total Consecration: December 8, 2013, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. My maternal grandmother and mother were named for the Immaculate Conception. My sister’s name begins with M and my brother in law’s name begins with A. It’s an all around neat way of me carrying my family with me. Ironically, my biological dad’s name (accidentally) is on my left arm along with my stepdad’s name, all done on St. Joseph’s feast day, who is my patron Saint since I was baptized on that day. My father figures on my left arm, my mother figures on my right, plus, it looks pretty awesome when you see both tattoos when I shoot archery. 🙂 
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