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The 2nd Week: Praying, Playing and Dancing

July 24, 2014

WOW. It’s been two weeks since I’ve changed my eating habits. The weight is coming off slowly, but I think that I may be actually losing some inches around my belly. I can’t recall my last measurements to save my life, but something tells me that there are some changes going on in my body since I’ve started eating as a nutritarian. I don’t eat as often as I did before, but I’m definitely not starving. Retraining my body to crave good whole food is going better than I expected, but I know I am weak when it comes to eating with other people, if I have not prepared my own food. This weekend is going to be HUGE challenge with me being gone for 48 hours on a youth conference in town. Holy Spirit, come.

I have a bit of a challenge ahead of me the next two weeks and I am a bit apprehensive at this point in time. It seems I have painted myself into a corner of the room and I need to kick in some Spider-Man like qualities to crawl out of this in an “almost impossible” way. There’s no getting around this one and it may cause more harm than good if I try to take an alternative route.

*deep breath*

I have this dress I need to get into. I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but here it is. It has been YEARS since I’ve worn it and it was the basis for the rest of the bridal party to choose dresses in this color. With the wedding in two weeks from Saturday, the dress cannot be zipped up. For those who have been in wedding parties, you also understand that acquiring a bridesmaid dress takes at least 6 months. I can’t recall if I could zip it up months ago, but something tells me I did and managed to gain enough weight in that time to make it impossible to zip up today.

Ouch. Ah, Humility….we meet again.

I have to work extra hard the next two weeks to drop the inches in order to zip up this dress. I just need to be able to survive in it for 6-8 hours at the most. Even if it means me not eating at the reception. But this is complete silliness. I chose to eat well because the BIG PICTURE is me getting healthy  so I never have to go on medications as a Type 2 Diabetic. In an ironic twist of fate, seems now that I have a major reason for working out. I HATE WORKING OUT.

I have an alternate diet to help me strip off the 5-10 pounds that aren’t moving off my body. It can be effective, because it has helped me before in the past, however, I thought about it and I came to the realization that I really need to see this new lifestyle through. No excuses. So I picked up my “The End of Diabetes” book again and read through chapter nine “The Six Steps to Achieving our Health Goals”. One of those goals is to make a public commitment to changing my eating habits. I think I started that two weeks ago when I posted “It Starts Today.” Today’s post is taking it one step further.

I went to Mass this morning and as I sat in silence after it was over, I heard the Lord speak clearly to my little heart. He encouraged me to keep going in this direction. His instructions to me are these:

1.) Play every day the next two weeks: piano, guitar and/or sing.

2.) Dance every day for the next two weeks. Put on the music and MOVE.

This may sound a little daft, but He speaks to me like this: through His Presence in the Holy Eucharist and through music. Not just through me making music, but in the music I listen to through my iPod or the radio. Do you know how trippy it is to hear the Lord speak through something as random as Smashing Pumpkins or Ne-Yo? I am not saying ALL music is wholesome and good for my heart, but it’s AMAZING when the right song comes on just when I need a boost. Seriously. He knows me so well and He can get through to me effectively in spite of any fog I may be in.

As for playing music every day, did anyone see my Tweet regarding the last Emmaus Blvd. concert I played on Tuesday night? I was sweating up a storm, jumping up and down and ended up coming home sore as if I went running a few miles. If I played like that every day, I’d be 10 pounds lighter in a month!

My biggest problem is that I don’t play music everyday. There are whole days when I don’t listen to music voluntarily. This seems absolutely ridiculous considering it’s my passion and how I seem to operate. It helps me to physically get up and move, think, pray and sometimes express what’s going on in my head. Why do I forget to do what I am built to do? Fish don’t forget to swim and birds don’t forget to fly. He made me a musician and that means I have a specific way that I operate. It doesn’t mean that I’m limited to one schedule or way of being productive. He made me creative so I don’t get bored with a routine or feel confined by a schedule. What He did do is train me with the tools to be able to improvise. Doing the little things every day help me to strengthen those skills that are needed when the time comes. Pray every day, eat well every day. Now I need to play every day and dance every day.

Two weeks.

1 goal.

Challenge accepted.

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