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The 3rd Week: Miracles Happen

July 30, 2014

WOW. The responses I received from the last post were so heartfelt and sincere in the offering of help from finding a seamstress to alter the dress to the prayers offered up for my sanity. Trust me, I felt them! Thank you, my dear friends, for your support!

I managed to stick to my nutritarian lifestyle during the Steubenville San Diego Conference. Instead of having frozen yogurt with the crew on Friday night, I had a spinach salad I picked up at the store. I got 3 of them, and they each came in handy the rest of the weekend when there wasn’t food for me to eat at a particular meal. So it seemed a bit odd consuming salad for breakfast, but I did it and I’m not sorry. 🙂 I did cheat with the turkey sandwich at lunch on Saturday, but I skipped the chips and cookie and soda. I didn’t feel guilty for that detour since I made up for it by consuming an enormous salad that evening for dinner. After Saturday night’s events, the crew had pizza, which was SO tempting to break down and eat, but I ate the apple I brought with me from lunch instead.


Way to go, self-control! Did you know that self-control is a gift of the Holy Spirit? It really is!

I’d been able to keep up with my promise to the Lord to sing every day and dance everyday (thank you, Steubenville!) so my activity levels have gone up significantly. I also noticed that my heart is a lot lighter these days. I find myself bopping in my seat when I work at my computer if the song is good. If it’s really good, I get up and dance.

After the conference, I found a “back up” on Sunday afternoon, which was the Maid of Honor dress I wore for my childhood best friend’s wedding. It’s snug, but it zipped up and it’s the same color. I tried the original dress and just couldn’t zip up. That’s okay, I have a back up! I was so thankful for that moment of discovering I wouldn’t be totally out of luck for the wedding. Praise the Lord!

Three days later, I decided to try on another dress that I was not able to zip up. The last time I wore it was in November for a friend’s wedding. It’s lovely, but unfortunately, at the time I wore the dress, it was more than a little snug and difficult to sing in at the wedding. I survived but never wore the dress again, until today. I was able to zip it up without a hitch.


No way.


At my roomie’s prompting, I tried the dress for the wedding.


It zipped up.


For real.


Definitely snug, but the zipper went up and I could breathe in it. Just need a little more room to be able to sing at the wedding, but it zipped up!


Three days and He answered my prayer along with the prayers of everyone interceding for me. The Lord is so FAITHFUL.


Here is the REAL miracle:

I believe in my own physical abilities.

This is not the person I grew up believing I could be. I was never the active sort of child, more prone to sitting and reading than to going outside and playing. The fact that I set a physical goal for myself and am following through is a fruit of this miracle and it is quite a gift. What’s even more amazing is realizing that by doing what I’m created to do, I am achieving these goals! Thank you, Holy Spirit!

Beyond this dress, I will continue to strive to achieve good health. My next doctor’s visit is at the end of September and I can’t WAIT for the results of the blood test. I hope that my HA1C levels will drop along with my bad cholesterol. The big goal is to completely reverse Type 2 Diabetes and prevent any and every medical complication associated with it. When the doctor asks me what I did, I’ll tell him how my faith was tested and tried and that I followed Dr. Fuhrman’s plan from the book, “The End of Diabetes”.

I am in awe of His Goodness, through the prayers and support I’ve received from loved ones and even mere strangers. I feel like I can truly do anything I can set my mind to, in spite of the odds. Mom always said God helps those who help themselves. I like to go with this particular mindset instead:

“Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.”–Saint Augustine

Thanks, St. Augustine. Pray for us.



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