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August 7, 2014


I can’t believe it. The wedding is upon us and as I type this up, family members are pouring in from different parts of the world to join us for this amazing celebration. Mom & Pops, I am so happy for you both!

I can’t believe that two weeks ago, I publicly announced my terrorizing moment of trying to fit into the dress for this wedding and last week, I could zip it up. As my weight keeps falling, I find myself in awe at the speed at which all of this is taking place. 

So, as with any changes, here are a couple of funny problems that popped up.

Nutritarian Problem #1: Jeans That Don’t Fit.

I bought a pair of jeans at Kohls for a great price about a month ago and charged it to my Kohls card. No big deal. I wore those jeans this past weekend up at Camp & realized that they were way too loose on me. I hadn’t even paid for them yet and they’re too big! That’s never happened before, but I guess that means I will wait a while before purchasing more clothes. My wardrobe is going to be whittled down quite a bit, but I really don’t mind. I did find a pair of slacks my sister gave to me because they were too big for her. I couldn’t wear them when she gave them to me, but I held onto them because they became my goal slacks. I can zip them up now, but it’ll take a week or two before they are actually comfortable. 

I think I can handle this.

Nutritarian Problem #2: The Constant Need for Motion

Since I made that promise to dance and sing every day, I CANNOT STOP. Seriously. In the car, in my office, as I walk from one place to another….it seems as if a flash mob should materialize at any point in time. Who says life isn’t like a musical? Going for walks? It’s a craving of mine now. I actually took off sprinting down the beach on Sunday afternoon and managed to hypo-extend my right calf. In spite of that crazy moment, I STILL went for a walk yesterday on the same said beach. It’s much better now and I felt great after trudging through the sand because somehow, it managed to help me stretch out my calf muscles. Singing everyday? Nailed it. Between Music Boot Camp last week, Camp Emmaus this week and the wedding coming up, I’m singing up a storm and it feels REALLY good. Even with the sinus infection, I was able to get over it quicker than I thought. 

Did I mention, I actually like working on my core muscles now? You better believe it. 

So far, the total amount of weight I have lost is 13.8 pounds. My waist size dropped from 38″ down to 35″. 


The physical changes are reflecting the interior changes I have made, starting with my heart’s desire from November 2013 to now. It seems like it’s happening at lightning speed, but the truth is, it’s been in the works for YEARS. I can handle the successes now and I have a better handle on my relationship with food. My head has been ready for this change as much as my heart has. The biggest temptation is allowing myself a little slack because the family’s in town and there’s going to be crazy food galore to consume. I will allow myself a little room AFTER the wedding, but I have bigger goal to reach.

The end of September is when I see my doctor again for my quarterly check-up. I want to see those numbers drop. Everything from my physical weight to my bad cholesterol and my HA1C numbers. I want to know what this lifestyle change has done to my blood, because I can what has happened to my exterior. I sleep better, my mind is clearer and I bounce back from illness a bit quicker. I only eat when I am hungry and that only happens when I work up an appetite by being physically active. What does this have to do with my spiritual life? EVERYTHING.

Eating as a Nutritarian is a bit of a simpler approach. Greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds (G-BOMBS). These are foods I can eat in abundance. Heads of lettuce are CHEAP. The most expensive thing I purchase are the chia seeds. Even then, I tend to purchase enough food to last me a couple of days, so none of it goes bad. While I was at Whispering Winds this past week, I had a good chat with the chef. I told him what I was doing because he had noticed the difference two weeks made since the last camp I visited. So, for dinner, he hooked me up with some roasted artichokes with Rosie’s famous salsa, fresh beans from their garden combined with mushrooms and brussel sprouts, a kale salad that was incredible and a crown of steamed broccoli. It took the chef and the kitchen manager to bring all that food out and the looks on the faces of those around me was wide-eyed and slack-jawed amazement. They didn’t tease me about my “rabbit food” but rather, they declared they want to have a “special diet” the next time they come up for Camp. 🙂

My spiritual life is calling me to live a simpler life: from reducing my material goods to simplifying what I eat. My financial habits have been curtailed because of these decisions and I am working within my budget and not using my credit cards. I get entertained by being physically active and listening to music as well as playing an instrument and/or singing. The tie between my body and spirit is more in sync and I can’t begin to express the joy I am experiencing at this time. It’s deep. It’s real. No one can take this away from me, but me. I have moments where I’m challenged, but considering the evidence surfacing before my eyes, the challenges get met and I move beyond them. My prayer life is crazy good right now and I’m feeling more than alright. I’m really grateful. 

So to those of you who have been following my crazy journey this past month, thank you for your kind words of encouragement and prayers. Know that I offer up prayers of thanksgiving for each of you. I never believed that I was capable of making these sorts of changes until I started doing the tiny ones to prepare me for the bigger ones. The sacrifices are worth it. I promise. You CAN do this. If you want to make the challenges a bit easier, think about a person you can offer up your challenging moment for. There are plenty of folk to pray for through the suffering of making changes. Your challenges could actually be helping someone else who needs a spiritual boost. It’s called “offering it up.” The Saints have been known to do that sort of thing. I’m just following their example: 







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