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Going Out on Limb

November 13, 2014

The following is a post that I put up on my personal FB page. As I was writing it out, I felt the Holy Spirit encouraging me to share it on other platforms I have access to. I don’t normally advertise what I do, but I realize that not everyone knows how blessed I am as a musician, so I’m sharing this part of my world with you.



Original Post: I’m pretty blessed to be a musician and have opportunities to share this gift with many others. As I continue to write and play more often, I am inspired by fellow artists and hope that I encourage each one to pursue their gifts and talents to bring beauty into this world.

So, that in mind, if you don’t already know, I have a music page. If you support the work I am blessed to do, please pray for me! Prayers are always appreciated. If you want to go a little further, check out my music page here & give it a “like”.

I post original songs as well as others that touch my heart on this page as well as on my YouTube channel:

I also am blessed to work with an amazing band called Emmaus Blvd. You may have seen posts from us on my personal FB page. We’re on our way to San Antonio, TX to share the gift of music with thousands of youth ministers from all over the country. It’s not a paid gig, but it’s an awesome opportunity to share what the Lord has given us. Above all things, we request your prayers for this trip. We wouldn’t be doing this without them!

Please check out our campaign and support us in prayer. If you’re feeling called to do so, any financial support you can give is totally appreciated. No amount is too small and we pray for our patrons every time we rehearse, which is more often these days in preparation for every event!

Many thanks to each person who has ever encouraged me to share this gift of music with others. To those who have challenged me to hone my skills and get better, thank you for pushing me forward, especially when I balked at the chance to grow. For those whom I have been blessed to meet in person as a speaker and musician, our encounters have helped to shape me into the artist I am becoming. Thank you for spending time with me in prayer and song. May each of you be super blessed.

As for the rest who stumble across my blog or Twitter or FB music page, I hope to meet you someday in person and that we get to make a joyful noise together. I’m a big fan of high fives, warm hugs, good company and awesome music. Can’t wait to meet you in person on the road out there.



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